What's Happening on the Farm

We are a family friendly orchard located in Berrien County, Michigan, featuring  sweet cherries  peaches and apples. So if you’re looking for U-pickor ready picked cherries, peaches or apples we are your connection in the country! Our farm store offers home grown and locally grown vegetables. We have a picnic area,  wagon ride on the weekends and invite you to make a day of it.

Open for the Season

18720 Cleveland Ave., Galien, MI. 49113,  Email bobwoods@triton.net, (269)545-8313

Springhope Farm U-pick

August25, 2016
This weekend our apple varieties for U-pick will be Ginger Gold and Gala.  McIntosh should be ready towards the start of next week.  In the store we will have Zestar (while they  last), Ginger Gold and Gala.  We do not have a peach ripening this week but hope to resume having peaches with Cresthavens in time for the Labor Day weekend. 

August 22, 20016

We have stopped U-pick Peaches until around Labor Day, when we will have Cresthaven peaches. We still have plenty of Ginger Gold Apples for U-pick.

August 18, 2016
I can’t believe how fast peach season in going! This weekend we will  have Coral Stars and Contender peaches for U-Pick and Coral Star in the store.  Zestar, Ginger Gold, and Paula Red, will be the apple varieties you will find in the store and for U-pick.  Come by and get some Zestars and Ginger Golds for those school lunches.

August 11, 2016
 We have Redhaven, John Boy and White Lady peaches for U-pick. John Boy peaches will be available in the store. Today we’ve picked the first apples of the season; Zestar, Ginger Gold, and Paula Red, they will be in the store and for U-pick. Eggert’s Belgians will be here both Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 6:00 Easter time. Hope to see you this weekend for peaches and a few apples for those school lunches.


10:00- 6:00 Daily